BoudoirArt.JP at the Women Empower Expo {Washington DC}

Hi Beautiful!

Back in May of this year I showcased my boudoir art at the Women Empower Expo in Washington D.C. I got to say, it has been the highlight of my boudoir journey so far. Meeting all of you, amazing lady bosses and hearing your stories was not only extremelly rewarding but it motivated me to keep working hard. I got to speak to many of you and share my boudoir mission. I was there to manifest my own view of womens’ power and respect to all women through the art of photography. Boudoir for me is a platform how to let women rise&shine and showcase how powerful we are. This is about celebrating women and their achievements and victories. This is about showing how strong, powerful and feminine we are with all the perfections AND imperfections. And with my photos I ask for respect to all women, from themselves and from the world around them.

There are many boudoir photographers who are doing the complete opposite - picturing women as a sexual object solely which is in my opinion disrespectful. I got very passionate talking to all of you who visited me at the booth in person and I can’t thank you enough for being interested in my art and mission.


Empowering GIVEAWAY

I asked each women who visited me at the booth to look in the mirror on the wall, smile at herself, take a few seconds and write down on the blackboard how she describes herself using one word… Look what magic they came up with. It was pretty powerful moment seeing this final result.

I still have the board in my studio. It is a piece of art!

Thank you all who took time and participated. The winner of the free session will be announced next week on Wednesday, November 14 in my Instagram stories. Make sure you follow me:

Alexa Carlin, the founder of the Women Empower Expo is bold example of how determination takes you to where you want to be. Cheers Alexa @alexarosecarlin

Alexa Carlin, the founder of the Women Empower Expo is bold example of how determination takes you to where you want to be. Cheers Alexa @alexarosecarlin

Look at the photos, maybe you will spot yourself. :)

Terezka & Honza {1st wedding anniversary}

Happy 1st anniversary to these two. I was so blessed to capture these beautiful moments for my dear friend. I teared many times behind the camera during their day, just from pure joy. Their wedding was held at a stunning historic location “Tancirna” built in 1907 in Czech mountains. In history, this building was used for dancing festivities. Just like on September 16, 2017. Thank you for having me capture your day T&H!

Wishing you both nothing but love together.

Acroyogies at the Brooklyn bridge

[Jenna & David, Brooklyn Bridge, NY]  

I knew that session with these two would be something else. Not only they are stinkin' adorable together but they shine together on whole different level.  Jenna & David are acroyogies. They create beautiful shapes with their bodies .  They practice all the time & everywhere. So no wonder that they threw in some acroyoga during our session, at 7am, at Brooklyn bridge. YES. Just wait for it.  

Steph & Andrei

{June 30, 2017}

Be inspired by love and passion these two shared with each other on the top of the Shenandoah mountain. 

As a storyteller, I wish to capture essence of each moment before it disappears.

... the giggle when he tickles her, the most precious smile she shares with him, the gentle touch of his hand in her hair to pull her closer for a kiss, a squeeze in his arms... 

It all starts with passion

2017 is leaving us a few more hours to reflect on our achievements. I always love to look back and see how close have I come to my goals. 2017 has been really good to me. It has been a year of developing my own photography voice, following my passion and creating. Being able to freeze a moment in time and tell a story in one frame is my superpower. I feel incredibly lucky being able to do what I love and share my passion with those who value art & photography. 

All of you, my beautiful clients, who have worked with me this year, I thank you for being part of my journey. I cannot wait to work on all the new projects I have on my mind and meet all the new inspiring souls on my voyage though 2018. Cheers to growth, learning, exploring new lands and chasing our passions and superpowers.

Here, enjoy my favorite moments from 2017. Click the photo for bigger size.

xoxo Juli



Lindsey & Rob getting married today

I met Rob & Lindsey about a year and half ago. They are both amazing acroyogies, dancers, loving parents and beatifull people inside out.  I admire their strong unity and connection they have between each other. They know how strong they are together and how much they can achieve. I had the privilege to photograph some of most important times of their lives. Our first time photographing together was just a few days after their baby Kaia was born. I am sharing my favorite sweet moment from this day.  Today, they are getting married at  DC War Memorial surrounded by their family from all over the world.

Lindsey & Rob, I adore you both and wish you the lifetime of happiness.


My favorite people!

[Kathy&Matt, Hatteras Island, North Carolina, July 2014.]

I decided to share with you my very first session I took in 2014. This couple is  close & special to me. You can't tell from the photos but I had to beg them for several days until they gave me their permission to practice my photography skills on their love. :) I remember being very proud of myself for taking these. And looking back after two years I still consider these photos as my favorites.

The colors in the summer at Hatteras Island where these photos are taken are beautiful. But I purposely decided to use black&white  on most of the photos just to keep the focus on them and their interaction.

Thank you Kathy & Matt for being amazing people in my life!


Love! Every single second!

Let me introduce you  Lauren & Evan, the sweetest couple of 2016. Their wedding was a ceremony of love & happiness (and also the hottest day of 2016). Spending this very special day with  these two lovebirds made me very emotional thinking & imagining my own wedding. Their vows made me tear down a little bit behind my camera. And the way they were looking, holding, hugging...each other were a bold example of true love.  

In this post I am intentionally focusing on moments, laughter & touch. Even though details of wedding cake, flowers, rings, location etc are very important, as we all know,  my intention was to show you only those photos which tell a story and evoke emotions. 

So happy I could witness these moments through my lens thanks to Kristi who is my endless inspiration. Wishing her my best at WPPI this year.

All photos taken for Kristi Odom Photography.

Please click each photo to see full resolution.


Share your culture with me!

I have always loved diversity and different cultures. Maybe that is one of the reasons why I moved to the United States. I feel very fortunate being a wedding photographer.  Getting to see two lives being united into one is a special occasion. Getting to see two lives being united into one throughout the spectrum of cultures is a privilege.

Please enjoy a story of a wedding union of Shruti & Shrayes in Virginia.

Click the photo for a bigger version.

Thank you NAT WONGSAROJ for having me (

Icelandic adventures

Last year was pretty magical. I feel lucky and fortunate to have been able to travel and discover the world. Our last trip of 2016 was to Iceland, a land of never-ending natural beauty, unlimited and guaranteed  happiness & overwhelming  views anywhere you look. We fell in love with Iceland and its extreme winter conditions and we are already planning a summer trip. 

I feel even luckier knowing that I didn't discover only the beautiful country but also beautiful soul of the one who was next to me. 

Photos by me & Travis.



If I only had to choose one quote about traveling, it would definitely be: 

"Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer."

Enjoy the photos and please feel free to ask any questions about the trip.