Love! Every single second!

Let me introduce you  Lauren & Evan, the sweetest couple of 2016. Their wedding was a ceremony of love & happiness (and also the hottest day of 2016). Spending this very special day with  these two lovebirds made me very emotional thinking & imagining my own wedding. Their vows made me tear down a little bit behind my camera. And the way they were looking, holding, hugging...each other were a bold example of true love.  

In this post I am intentionally focusing on moments, laughter & touch. Even though details of wedding cake, flowers, rings, location etc are very important, as we all know,  my intention was to show you only those photos which tell a story and evoke emotions. 

So happy I could witness these moments through my lens thanks to Kristi who is my endless inspiration. Wishing her my best at WPPI this year.

All photos taken for Kristi Odom Photography.

Please click each photo to see full resolution.