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Wyoming-Colorado skiing Grand tetons

Happy Birthday to me^^

As I am a day away from my bday, I am contemplating and reflecting on my past year.

 I haven't set too many goals for myself and they haven't been very specific neither. My main goal I promised myself to fearlessly follow was to connect with my true core: to discover things I didn't know about myself, to speak for my 'true self', not anyone else; to put myself into new situations, and to push myself to limits.


Are you curious how I did?


The most revolutionary discovery has been simply that empowering other women through my photography skills makes me stronger as well. Boudoir(art) is a unique platform which helps me to make women feel beautiful, confident, appreciated and to show them the beauty they might not see when they look at themselves. It is powerful and I completely have fallen for the process. Nothing is more rewarding for all the time, efforts and energy I put into the session than seeing all the emotions pouring down at my clients (who mostly became my friends) when they see their photos for the first time. Knowing that I am changing somebody's world by photographing them is pretty crutial for understanding my own purpose.  


There were some amazing achievements, sourcing purely from my own motivation to prove myself I can do it (yes, to prove MYSELF, not anyone else). And, there were plenty of failures which I value for the learned lessons.


Here, I am sharing with you photos from my surprise bday trip to Colorado and Grand Tetons National Park which kept the theme of my year: growth and challenge.  This trip was an amazing adventure in a search of the "beyond world" and we found it. Me and my boyfriend experienced our first backcountry skiing  which turned into a transform journey. Climbing and skiing in untouched pow-pow (read: powder snow) in completely people-free Tetons was beyond any bday celebration I could imagine. I was high on endorphins, skiing down the 10000f+  pow pow mountain (which we first had to climb up on our own with the skis on, took us about 5 hours) feeling like the biggest badass, left me speechless. I am beyond super happy to have by my side someone who constantly pushes my limits so I grow and bloom.


Cheers to the last year of my twenties, the year when everything will be possible.


Most of these beautiful photos are taken by my super talented boyfriend Travis :)  

xoxo Julie